The Basics About e-Cigs & Vaping !

If you are new to vaping or looking for something to replace those coffin nails then here is a summary (a short Q&A) of what you need to know to get you started.

Q: What is a vape? A: An electronic-cigarette, nowadays is referred to as a “personal vaporizer” or a “Vaping Device” – the vape community prefers not to call them all electronic-cigarettes as Vaping has evolved well beyond the original electronic-cigarettes which basically looked just like a traditional tobacco cigarette. Regardless of its shape or size, it is an electronic device that can be used to vaporize an “e-juice” liquid made up of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine (usually a mixture of both), which is often flavoured and may contain nicotine.

The invention of the electronic cigarette concept dates back to the 1960s, from a rejected American patent. The commercial models we see today have originated from an invention by a Chinese pharmacist Mr. Hon Lik. For some people, Hon Lik turned his back on the independent vaping community a few years ago by selling his patents to a tobacco company. Today there are countless options of vaping device styles and designs, but in essence they all work the same, they have a battery to supply power, a heating coil when powered by the battery heats up the e-liquid and turns it to a very fine mist “vapor” which looks very much like smoke from a cigarette.

Q: What is in a vape? A: Vaping has been around for many years now, but many people keep asking what is really in a vape. Is there tobacco in there? What about the scary chemical names I hear about? The media are always claiming that vaping is not that safe and yet more and more countries health authorities are endorsing vaping as a significant risk reduction alternative to smoking. British Health recently came out with a statement after findings from a study on vaping that “Electronic Cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes”.

Q: What is E-juice made out of? A: Most e-liquid has four main ingredients: Vegetable glycerin (VG), Propylene glycol (PG), Flavourings and in some cases Nicotine. Except for the nicotine the other ingredients you will find in many of the products that we eat and drink and use everyday. The PG helps bind the flavours together and gives that 'throat hit' you hear people talking about. VG is usually the largest percentage in e-liquid sometimes as much as 90%. It is quite a lot thicker than PG and it is also responsible for producing the thick satisfying clouds from your vaporizer. The flavourings are just that, food flavourings used for decades to add flavour to the foods that we eat everyday, and of course Nicotine (if you so desire).

Q: How do you smoke a vape? A: A lot of people are asking these days how do you ‘smoke’ a vape. “Vapes” – (also called personal vaporizers, electronic cigarettes or e-cigs), are relatively known by now and part of our social culture. Because nothing is burned in the vaping process there is no “smoke” produced, so “how do you smoke a vape” maybe isn’t the right question? But put simply you “vape” an electronic cigarette the same as you would smoke a normal tobacco cigarette except you don’t light it up, (in most cases you simply press a button on the device to activate the heating coil and put the end in your mouth the same as a cigarette and suck (inhale) and “vapor” will travel into your mouth (or lungs if you inhale) and is then expelled by blowing the vapor out of your mouth.

Q: What is mouth to lung vape? A: It is the same as in smoking, the smoker usually draws the smoke (in this case vapor) into their mouth and that smoke (vapor) is inhaled from the mouth cavity down into the lungs. You’ll probably also hear people talking about “direct lung” vaping, which on some devices that has a large enough airflow allows the user to inhale the vapor directly from the device into the lung in one motion. This cannot be done with the majority of cig-a-like or pod systems as they have restricted airflows mainly due to the size of the devices and are better suited to the mouth to lung vaper and those initially transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to vaping because it identically mimics the act of “smoking”.

Q: Is it safe to vape without nicotine? A: Most medical experts now agree that e-cigarettes are a lot safer than smoking, but a lot of smokers who are thinking about trying them still have some questions. One thing that (strangely) we’re hearing more often is the question, Is it safe to vape without nicotine? Whilst nicotine is an addictive substance (like caffeine) in many cases especially with those wanting to transition from smoking tobacco the nicotine is needed to satisfy the smokers cravings. Nicotine is also responsible for that @throat hit@ term you hear everywhere, which is that slightly burning sensation in the back of the tongue/throat that gives the smoker the satisfaction buzz. The good thing is that unlike cigarettes the vaper can control the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid and subsequently by lowering the percentage over time can ‘wean’ themselves off nicotine dependence completely.

Q: What are the different models of vaping devices available? A: Basically there are 5 different types of devices available. Cig-A-Like,

Cigalike A Cigalike is the oldest type of electronic cigarette model, a cigalike (from the words cig-a-like), and simply means ‘resembling’ a cigarette as it mimics the shape of a traditional cigarette (tobacco cigarette) right down to a glowing red tip when vaped in most models.

It is attractive at first for the smoker because a cigalike usually offers the very same taste, look and feel of a tobacco cigarettes but given its small size it produces very little steam.

We usually find that after using these for a few months users then upgrade to one of the other types of mods available either for increased vapor (steam) production, increased flavour output or both. Mod style vaping devices also allow the user to experiment with the literally thousands of flavours and juices available out in the marketplace these days.

Box Mod A Box Mod follows the same principle as tube Mod but differs in its rectangular or square shape. Very in vogue amongst vapers it tends to be the more predominant style used by the majority of vapers.

The majority of Box Mods offer the option of using removable batteries so that a freshly charged battery is inserted into the mod allowing the vaper to vape while drained battery/s are being recharged in an external battery charger.

Most Box Mods (although not all) are usually regulated which means they have built-in protection against overheating, battery shorting out etc… this also means that you can control the power that heats up the coil to produce the vapor and keep this voltage constant right through until the battery eventually gets to a level where it automatically shuts the device off..

The ergonomics of Box Mod is constantly taken to its limits by designers and manufacturers, some look like pieces of jewellery, they come in a rainbow of colours and colour matching of the mod and the atomiser or tank that sits on top of the mod which generally holds around 2-5ml of e-juice. More and more Box Mods are coming out with smart touch screens that make them appear like mobile smart phones. It seems the sky is the limit, what’s next we ask… the VapePhone.... sounds crazy ?… well remember when it happens…. you heard it here first.

Squonk Mod A squonk mod is basically like a Box Mod however as well as a removable battery/s it also has a built in tank bottle usually made from silicone. This bottle usually carries around 8-10ml or more of e-liquid (3-4 times the capacity of a tube or box mods tank atomiser).

A cut-out in the mods case allows the user to squeeze the soft silicone bottle inside forcing liquid up a tube and into the atomiser screwed onto the top of the mod where it is vaporized.

People who use these devices are known as “squonkers” who practice the art of “squonking”.

Tube Mod A Tube Mod is an electronic cigarette much larger than the cigalike but still cylindrical in shape, “Mod” being the abbreviation for “modified electronic cigarette”. Highly effective, it incorporates a battery of large capacity (usually removable for charging) to allow all day use.

Most tube Mods use tank style atomizers with adjustable airflow that allow you to adjust the “vapor” and quality to suit your needs, while simple ones are already set to work with a supplied clearomizer (kits ready-to-use). Advantage of tube Mod is that it’s based on an open system, contrary to the cigalikes or pods that we will see below.

Thus, you will be able to change atomizers to vary the pleasure and personalize your electronic cigarette.

The main ‘con’ with Tube mods is that the majority are ‘unregulated’ which means that there is no safety protection against shorting the battery or overheating etc.., so the user should be very familiar with ohms law and battery voltage and current draw limitations to keep their vaping safe. It also means that the vape quality starts to diminish in relation to the voltage of the battery, so as the battery gets weaker so to the vapor production gets less and less proportionately.

e-Go, Pod & AIO Devices Basically, the Pen, AIO & Pod Systems are very similar, they are all ‘pen’ style vaporizers that are a step up from the beginner or starters Cig-A-Like devices.

e-Go was the next step from the Cig-A-Like and many vapers today have used one at some stage of the vaping journey. They are an extremely simple device to use and very similar to the Cig-A-Like having a long battery connected to a small tank (1-2ml) atomiser. They work by simply pressing a button and vaping it.

Pod systems are becoming increasingly the go to for beginners mainly due to their simplicity of use. Many came with removable pods that house the coil and the eliquid, once the e-liquid runs dry you simply pull out the old pod and snap in a new pre-filled one.

With pod systems there is no mess no mucking about changing coils or cotton. Although significantly more effective for its vapor production or nicotine diffusion than the cigalike. a Pod will have a very limited range, requiring the user to recharge the device regularly. It is increasingly common for Pods manufacturers to partner with e-liquid companies to integrate branded products into their cartridges.

AIO (All In One) uses similar principle with cigalike, with a proprietary closed system, meaning that the battery is usually not removable and the ‘tank’ is also non removable and incorporated in the main frame of the design. Most Pen, AIO and POD systems are rechargeable via a USB cable. Thanks to its USB key format it is possible to transport it very easily in a pocket.

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