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EasyPuff e-Cigarette Starter Kits


Easy Puff have made your change from tobacco cigarettes to Vaping so easy. Simply grab one of these starter kits and some pre-filled e-juice cartridges below and you're ready to go vaping.

All you need to do is accasionally charge a battery. All Easy Puff products are compatable with Green Smoke e-Cigarette products.   

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EasyPuff e-Cigarette Vapor Cartridges

Try our Easy Puff Vapor quality refill e-cig cartridges available in over a dozen flavours supplied with or without nicotine. Each cartridge is the equivalent to smoking 10-12 normal tobacco cigarettes. So easy to use simply screw onto the battery and start vaping.

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EasyPuff Vapourizers - Tanks & Mods


We stock a variety of starter kits, tanks, rebuild-able supplies (wire, cotton), batteries and coils to suit any level of vaping. We stock all the major brands including Kangertech, Smok, Sigelei, iJoy, Joyetech, Lost Vape, Vaporesso,  

Geekvape... plus many many more.

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EasyPuff Vape e-Juice Liquid


E-Liquid (E-Juice) with Nicotine Now In Australia.
Either choose from our own e-liquid brands (Easy Juice, Vapor and Cloud Chaser) or we stock the worlds leading brands including Bogan's Brews (from Australia), Rockt Fruits, Vapetasia, Killa Fruits, also Vape Dinner Lady (from UK), Nasty Juice, Kenji & Horny Flava (from Malaysia), Charlies's Chalk Dust & Pacha Mama, VGOD, and Mad Hatter (from USA)....and many more.

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Easy Puff Electronic Cigarettes Australia




EasyPuff™ is renowned for its high quality, low prices, convenience, and outstanding service. Here you can buy top-quality electronic cigarettes, vaping gear including mods, atomisers and tanks, coils, vape e-juice with nicotine, vape coils, vape cotton and other vaping DIY supplies and we will deliver them to your door anywhere in Australia. We invite you to browse through our online vape store where you can take advantage of our exceptional deals. Easypuff.com.au is not just another electronic cigarette website, we are ex-smokers and vapers ourselves and have a desire to help others find a safer and cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco cigarette products. 


Educating the public and our customers about the benefits of "vaping" electronic cigarettes as opposed to "smoking" traditional tobacco cigarettes matters to us. We offer quality e-cigarettes at an affordable price, accommodating tighter budgets. Our name says it all Easypuff™ it's about "vaping" without Tar, Ash, and Carbon Monoxide, its simply a better way to smoke. Electronic cigarettes are sold as an alternative to smoking and not a 'quit smoking' aid. Smoking an electronic cigarette provides you with the oral satisfaction of inhaling and exhaling vapour, without the harmful side effects of smoking a traditional cigarette which typically contains more than 4000 chemicals.


EasyPuff is an electronic cigarette that looks, tastes and feels just like smoking a real tobacco cigarette, and therefore provides a fully satisfying nicotine hit, but it has no tobacco, no tar, no carbon monoxide, and none of the thousands of additional poisonous chemicals that are commonly found in traditional cigarettes. Our battery-operated electronic cigarette resembles a tobacco cigarette, BUT unlike tobacco cigarettes, an E-cigarette does not contain those chemicals and other toxins. The electronic cigarette produces a smoke-like vapour without burning tobacco. This means NO second-hand smoke will harm others around you because electronic cigarettes contain NO carcinogens or tar. You will be able to enjoy smoking (vaping) in public places with complete confidence, however we do ask you to be respectful of other people and establishment owners by asking if they allow "Vaping" on there premises first. 

E-liquid containing Nicotine is shipped door to door direct to you in Australia from our warehouse in New Zealand and in most cases orders are delivered to your home or office within 2 business days.  

Attention South Australian Vaping Residents

Due to proposed sweeping changes to South Australia legislation it will become harder to purchase your e-cigarette and vaping products. Many brick & Mortar Vape stores in South Australia will be forced to close as so many restrictions being placed on the stocking, display and sale of vaping products (similar to tobacco products will make it nonviable for a physical store to operate and online vendors whether they are in South Australia or in another State of Australia are prohibited from selling vaping products to South Australians. We urge you to be pro-active and to contact your local member of Parliament and explain why you need vaping products to help you stay off cigarettes.

Vape and e-Cigarette Products Available Online for South Australians
Easy Puff has its warehouses based in New Zealand, so orders can be placed online and express courier delivered right to your door anywhere in Australia (including South Australia) and usually within 2 business days from ordering. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.


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Easy Puff Electronic Cigarettes Australia

Our product does not treat, diagnose, or cure disease, physical ailment or condition. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, or a combination of inhalants listed on our "F.A.Q." page then please consult your physician before using EasyPuff products. Just like traditional tobacco cigarettes, EasyPuff Vapor Electronic Cigarettes are not approved as smoking cessation product. We make no therapeutic claims that our products will help you give up smoking. Easy Puff electronic cigarette products are sold as an alternative to smoking and not as a 'quit smoking aid'. Easypuff can be used interchangeably with cigarettes and our products should only be used by responsible adults over the age of 18. Products not available to residents of South Australia from this website, please follow link HERE to order our products online direct from our NZ warehouse for delivery to your door anywhere in South Australia and usually within 2 days.

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South Australia Residents - Electronic Cigarette Laws
Electronic Cigarettes, Vaping Products and e-Liquid - Shipping Electronic Cigarettes to  South Australia

Electronic Cigarettes and Vape e-Liquids containing nicotine & Vaping Products are available to order online for residents of South Australia.  

South Australian and other Australian customers where the purchase of vaping equipment and e-liquids is prohibited in their state can Order Online

directly from our NZ warehouse for delivery to your door within 2-3 business days.

CLICK HERE to order online direct from our NZ warehouse.

Electronic Cigarettes Available In Australia

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Easy Puff Vaping Products and e-Liquids are available in Australia

E-Cigarettes Brisbane, E-Cigarettes Sydney, E-Cigarettes Melbourne, E-Cigarettes Adelaide, E-Cigarettes Perth, E-Cigarettes Darwin, E-Cigarettes Alice Springs, E-Cigarettes Tasmania,

E-Cigarettes Hobart, E-Cigarettes Newcastle, E-Cigarettes Gold Coast, E-Cigarettes Wollongong, E-Cigarettes Cairns

EasyPuff Vapor E-Cigs are available in Australia from EasyPuff.com.au 

E-Cigs Brisbane, E-Cigs Sydney, E-Cigs Melbourne, E-Cigs Adelaide, E-Cigs Perth, E-Cigs Darwin, E-Cigs Alice Springs, E-Cigs Tasmania, E-Cigs Hobart, E-Cigs Newcastle,

E-Cigs Gold Coast, E-Cigs Wollongong, E-Cigs Cairns, E-Cigs Broome.