10 Reasons Why Your Vape Tastes Burnt

Maintenance is key when it comes to producing a fresh clean tasting vape. A burnt vape tastes yuck.... but it can be avoided by these 10 easy steps.

1. Your Coil Is Simply Too Old!

When was the last time you changed your coil? An old coil will be burnt and unable to produce good vapor, more so in pre-made coil heads.

2. It’s Prime Time!

Make sure you always prime your wicks and cotton with e-liquid before you start vaping. Its good to leave device sit for 5 minutes before use to allow the e-juice to soak the coil thoroughly before firing up the coil.

3. Are You Vaping Too Hot!

Vaping at over 100+ watts on a fresh coil is probably not a good idea. Ramp up gradually to the highest wattage by starting at a lower wattage to allow the coil and wick to “bed in”.

4. Taking Control! Certain coil types perform best on different modes. For example if you are using nickel wire it may perform best if used in Temperature Control (TC) mode. It takes a bit to master but if TC mode is set correctly you will say goodbye to ever burning your wicks again.

5. Avoid Sweet Syrupy E-Liquids!

Many commercial e-liquids are sweeter than others, and leave a caramelised thick “tar” on the coil surface and the wick looking like brown/black “gunk”. Eventually this will burn and add a bad taste to your vape. You can prevent this by using un-sweetened or less sweetened e-juice, the clearer the juice usually the less the coil will gunk up with this tarry residue but this isn’t the case with all e-liquids. Best tip with rebuildable decks is to clean the coil and change the wicking cotton every day.

6. Slow Things Down! Chain vapers who vape repeatedly may get more frequent dry or burnt hits. To avoid this give your coil enough time to cool down before hitting the button again.

7. Hotspots Are Hell On Coils!

For those of you who build your own rebuildable coils a burnt taste can be caused by coil hotspots. Always fire up a new coil to check for hotspots. A coil should glow from the inside out and once fired up should look consistent across the coil surface with no bright or dark areas. Pinching or strumming the coil while pulsing is a good way to eliminate hotspots.

8. Correct Wicking Is Critical! Using too much (or too thick) cotton in a coil can cause a burnt taste. Be sure not to use to thick a wick in your coils, you should be able to pull the cotton thru the coil firmly but easily. If a wick is too tight in the coil it can cause “choking” especially if chain vaping a few puffs as the wick will take longer for the liquid to draw up thru a tightly packed coil.

9. Clean Coils Constantly! A clean coil will always provide the best vaping experience. Get into the habit of once a day cleaning the coil and replacing with fresh organic cotton. Cotton too is different, ask your local Vape shop what is their best quality and best drawing cotton, its best to pay a fraction more for cotton and give your device its best chance of delivering the best vape.

10. Weather & Temperature Do Make A Difference

Never leave your device in direct sunlight, especially on the dash of your car. As well as an explosive risk a hot device will cause the viscosity (pouring thickness) of the e-liquid to become thin and watery and potentially cause leaks and flooding of your device, similarly if the device is too cold it can thicken up the e-liquid making it difficult for the cotton to wick up the e-liquid resulting in a dry wick and burnt taste. Try to keep your device and e-juice out of extreme cold and hot temperatures.

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