Vape Shopping Online / It's The Future

In reality, the best way to get new vape gear is to buy it online.

Each day more and more people are realising that they can purchase groceries, clothes, electronics, etc. without ever having to leave the house. By the end of 2017 around 70% of Australian internet users have shopped online. Buying vaping gear is no exception, it’s a smart option to shop online. Price is a major factor with online stores having very little in the way of overheads as compared to a bricks and mortar store. Another major factor and in particular to purchasing e-liquid (or e-juice) in Australia is that shops are not allowed by law to sell e-liquids containing nicotine, so the off-shore online store has the advantage of offering nicotine e-juice to its customers.

All e-liquids from www.EasyPuff.com.au are warehoused in New Zealand and dispatched via a speedy door to door courier service which ensures products in customers hands usually within 3 business days from order.

Here are some further major advantages to buying from an online vape store:

Convenience – Most people work during normal business hours of vape stores. This can be a major inconvenience if you run out of juice, for example. Buying online also has the major advantage of allowing you to place your order any time of the day from any location in the world with an internet connection. Many vape/tobacco shops are often staffed by employees that know nothing about vaping. Unless you really know exactly what you need, we do not recommend buying at these stores.

Save money – Take a look at the price comparison between an online vapor store and a bricks and mortar. You will notice that online is almost always cheaper...sometimes a lot cheaper. The overhead cost of running an online shop is significantly lower, so they can pass the savings on to you.

Wider selection – They say variety is the spice of life. Especially when it comes to vaping, you will find that online shops have a wider selection of brands, flavors or nicotine strengths, for example. There’s nothing worse than traveling to a shop only to find out they don’t have what you need. You end up going home empty handed or settling on something you didn’t want. Shopping online gives you exactly what you want EVERY TIME!

Shop smarter – Try comparing prices from store fronts, in real life it requires a lot of effort, involving physically traveling to each location, or at the very least making tons of calls. Whereas online, you can eliminate the fuss of comparing prices, it's way easier to get an overview of the best prices available for the products that you are actually looking for.

Avoiding the crush – For many being around large crowds of people or window shopping can be an unpleasant experience especially on weekends or during holidays. Ordering from an online shop allows you to be more focused.

Clever sales tactics – Many vape or tobacco shops are filled with salespeople that make commissions from your purchase. It is in their best interest to convince you to spend the most amount of money, even if it’s something you really don’t need. Avoid the clever sales tactics and the impulse buying….buy what YOU want..... without pressure online.

Privacy – Many like to keep their vaping habits private, when you buy in a physical store you never know who you’re going to run into. When you buy on the web, it’s discrete and nobody will know your business.

But wait, there’s more – There are so many other reasons why buying online is so much better. We can’t list them all here, but just think about it for yourself. For example if you have kids, you definitely don’t want to take them to a smoke shop, and they won’t be allowed to step foot in a vape store. Not to mention the price of public transportation, parking, petrol, and the time wasted. Time is money, so stop wasting your time and money going to overpriced brick and mortars….SHOP ONLINE…..IT’S THE FUTURE

Order you vape gear and nicotine e-liquids online at: https://www.EasyPuff.com.au

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