Lifetime Warranty


Lifetime Warranty – EasyPuff™

EasyPuff™ offers a limited Lifetime Warranty on a number of its products. This lifetime warranty is exclusive to purchases made on the EasyPuff™ website. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, material defects, and workmanship defects on EasyPuff™ electronic components only, throughout the life of the product, under normal use as defined below. The EasyPuff™ Lifetime Warranty does not cover e-liquids, disposable products, EasyPuff™ MOD products, flavor cartridges, and apparel.

Normal Use Conditions

The EasyPuff™ product should not be repaired, serviced, altered, or modified by any party other than EasyPuff™. Abuse, misuse, or neglect of the EasyPuff™ product that is in contravention of the instructions provided in the instruction manual, which accompanies the product, will void the warranty.

Use of the product for purposes other than what it was originally intended for, such as in combination with non-EasyPuff™ chargers or power adapters will render the warranty void.

Warranty Limitations

EasyPuff™ offers up to 5 replacements on any particular order, provided that the items are defective in each case. The product will be replaced with an equal product. 


For any issues associated with the EasyPuff™ product, the terms of this warranty are the only remedy available to the purchaser. Any other remedy arising out of interference or operation of law is hereby disclaimed. 


The EasyPuff™ Lifetime Warranty is only applicable for the duration within 90 days from the purchase of any cartridge or e-liquid from EasyPuff™. In other words, if you have purchased a cartridge or e-liquid from EasyPuff™ in the last 90 days, you can make full use of the EasyPuff™ Lifetime Warranty. 


The EasyPuff™ Lifetime Warranty does not come with an expiry date, as long as the other terms and conditions in this document are met. 

In the event of a defect or product failure, please follow the instructions provided below:

Call us, and provide a detailed explanation of your issue. Please share your order number with our representative so that we can provide you speedy assistance. 

Our representative will try to troubleshoot the issue over the call, and help you get your device back in working condition. Only if the representative is unable to troubleshoot the issue, they will authorize the replacement or repair of your product. 

You will receive your replacement or repaired product within the time frame stipulated by the freight carrier that you choose during your conversation with our representative.

Please ship the product to us only after talking to our representative, and when they have authorized the repair or replacement of the product. If you ship your product to us without explicit authorization from our representative, then it might lead to unnecessary confusion and loss of your product. Therefore, doing so will result in your EasyPuff™ Lifetime Warranty becoming void.

Once you receive the authorization from our representative, make sure that you send only the component that is defective, not the entire starter kit.


The shipping costs incurred during the replacement process are borne by the purchaser, and EasyPuff™ does not take any responsibility over them. 

Our customer service representatives are always available to resolve your issues:
International Phone Hotline: +64 7 929 7255


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